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Posted on July 27, 2013 at 10:31 AM
When someone said to me to feed my 2 dogs a raw diet I thought they were bonkers!!! But the more they told me, the more I had to find out.
So after tons of research and pouring through dozens of websites, I found out just what the leading manufacturers were making their 'top quality' kibble from!!!!

I found out that these kibbles are slowly poisoning our pets, and are full of fillers and enhancers as this is the only way a pet would stomach such poor grade food.

Added to that, the materials used to break down the products to mush up into a pulp (before being dried), are responsible for horrid ailments such as poor dental health, gastric problems and many cancers.

There have been many recalls from within the pet manufacturers in recent years due to causing death and distress to many animals.

These manufacturers are focused on making multimillion dollar profits each year, not on the health and well being of our beloved pets.

Since I switched to raw I have seen my 5 year old black labs teeth go from yellow to white, no smelly breath, no smelly poop, less poop (and it biodegrades so you pick up less) He drinks less because raw food has more water, whereas kibble needs lots of water to enable the pet to digest the food.

I have lots of references for interested parties and urge you to try our high quality, HUMAN GRADE, raw food with your furever friends.

Do your own research like I won't regret taking this step for your pet.

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