Mother Nature's Diet for Pets

Menu & Price-list

Pure Chicken or Dinner

4lb tub/box


Pure Beef or Dinner

4lb tub/box


Pure Turkey or Dinner

4lb tub


Breeder Blend

4lb tub/box


Country Blend

4lb tub

$21.00 To order

*** Grab n Go - Packs

24lb mixed

$72.00 - $100.00

*** Grab n Go - Mini Packs

12lb mixed

$50.00 - $72.00

Chicken Feet

1lb bag


Duck / turkey Necks

2lb bag



1lb bag


Various single Bones



Bags of Bones


$7.00 and up


 To Order

Herring Oil



Herring Oil

1 ltr


Colloidal Silver - Silver Shield



Sea Kelp



Pumpkin Powder



Joint Support



Tri Mineral Boost



Bladder Support



Dehydrated Treats

Tripe, Heart, Rabbit Feet, Chick Feet, Pigs Ears, Liver, Lung, Duck Feet, Mixed Bag.

Per Pack

$10.00 - $18.00

Raw 4 Ur Paws Foods

No Packaging

Bring a Box

Ground Chicken & bone 

per pound


Organ mix

per pound


Ground Salmon

per pound


Mega Fusion - no fowl. Great for allergies

per pound


House Blend - Chicken, Beef, Fish, Eggs, organ, tripe and bone

per pound


Chunky Mix - Chicken, Beef, Fish, organ and bone

per pound


Prices subject to change without notice

Please be aware that due to storage constraints, we do not carry stock of all items, except those listed. However, any items and quantities can be ordered with a maximum lead-time of 1 week

If you don`t see what you want here, please just ask. We can get it for you!!

The first items on the list are manufactured by our supplier Big Country Raw. Located in Niagara, they use only human grade foods with no antibiotics, hormones, fillers or preservatives. Also available in Pork, Duck, Rabbit, and Game menus.......just ask. Here's a link to their website, where you will find a full list of menus and nutritional details.

I order on Sunday evening for delivery Wednesday, so if you need a special order just let me know by Sunday at noon please.

The items at the bottom of the list are available without packaging for our customers who don`t mind a more `hands on` approach to feeding raw.

We also have a range of dehydrated doggie treats available. Beef liver, chicken feet, beef lung and lots more.

We also stock a small range of amazing supplements for your best friends.